Septic Service in Greenville SC Without Ruining Your Yard

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Septic Service in Greenville SC Without Ruining Your Yard

Many people dread the thought of having their septic tank drained or repaired because of the damage that will occur to their yard or landscaping. This is understandable as many properties have been ruined in the past by companies who have little to no regard for how much damage they can cause. In the past, if there were any signs of complications with a septic tank, the entire tank would need to be dug up and inspected. This digging would cause the need for thousands of dollars’ worth of landscape replacement. Now, modern septic experts can use updated technology to find and repair many septic tank issues.

As with any type of issue, finding the source of the problem is always necessary before it can be corrected. If you notice foul-smelling odors, overflowing toilets, or slow drains, these can be warning signs of a septic problem. In order to find a long-lasting solution to your septic problems, it is first necessary to have an accurate diagnosis.

Septic Service in Greenville SC Without Ruining Your Yard
Septic Camera Inspection

Septic Camera Inspection

Modern technology now allows a unique tool to inspect septic lines and locate probable issues. Camera inspection technology allows a video camera head that is connected to a flexible cable to be inserted into the main sewer line or snaked through pipes. This technology will enable technicians above ground to view in real-time images to diagnosis any septic problems without ruining your landscape, home, or property.

While camera inspection technology cannot diagnose all septic problems, they can reveal most of them:

  • Corrosion problems
  • Cracks and fractures in pipes
  • Solid waste levels and proper water flow
  • Presence of roots intruding the lines
  • Crushing of flow that restricts the pipes
  • The condition of the inlet/outlet baffles to determine tank capacity levels
  • Overall septic operation

What Kind of Septic Inspection Do You Need in Greenville SC?

If you wonder what your options are for septic inspection in Greenville SC, Greenville Septic Pumping can help. We offer professional inspections that are thorough and affordable. We have years of experience installing and repairing septic systems. If you need to have a septic inspection done and are not sure what you need, consider the following:

First Kind – Visual Inspection

When purchasing or selling a home, this is the general inquiry you can get, and a home inspector may handle it. With this inspection, you get questions such as:

  • How old is the home?
  • How often has the septic system been pumped?
  • When was the last inspection?

Toilets are flushed, and water is run in the home to check the water pressure and ensure everything is draining well. The inspector checks out the drain field and looks for standing water. It is basic and fast but doesn’t give you all the answers you may need.

What Kind of Septic Inspection Do You Need in Greenville SC
Second Kind – Full Inspection

Second Kind – Full Inspection

Everything that is done in a visual inspection gets done, plus a lot more. It would be best to have a full inspection done every 3 – 5 years to ensure your system works properly. With this inspection, the following may happen:

  • Septic tank cover is removed and water levels checked
  • Water is run in the home to check the flow to the tank
  • A dye test may be used to determine drainage
  • Septic tank is pumped
  • The absorption area is checked for backflow
  • The water level is rechecked after pumping

To ensure everything is as it should be with your septic system, we recommend a full septic inspection in Greenville, SC. To find out what other septic services we offer and schedule, call us at (864) 432-6175.

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