Septic Companies Near Me: Possible Signs You Need Septic Services

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Septic Companies Near Me: Possible Signs You Need Septic Services

When it comes to determining every homeowner’s worst nightmare, it typically starts with damage or failing septic tanks. Not only is it expensive to repair and maintain, but any failures with your septic tank system can cause a lot of unpleasant things in your home such as foul odors, unwanted creatures, and so much more. Here at Greenville Septic Pumping of South Carolina, we always recommend getting your septic tanks checked at least once a year, regardless if you are experiencing issues with it or not.

Dealing with septic tank issues is never fun or pretty, trust us. But by knowing the commons signs of damaged or failing septic tanks, as well as who to call when you are experiencing issues, you are already ahead of the game! Whether you are looking for advice, have a question, or want to schedule regular septic tank maintenance, Greenville Septic Pumping of South Carolina is the company for you!

We pride ourselves on providing great septic tank services while also providing our customers with knowledge on how to tell if you are dealing with septic tank issues. We asked our team to curate a list of the most common signs of septic tank damages or failures, and here’s what they came up with…

Possible Signs You Need Septic Services
Slow Drains

Slow Drains

If you have one slow drain, it is likely a clog in that particular drain line. However, if all the drains in your home are slow, it is more likely to be indicative of a septic system issue, and you should call for septic services.

Soggy or Wet Yard

Unless it has recently rained pretty hard, you shouldn’t have any wet areas near your septic system. This is a sign of a problem that needs immediate attention, as waste water is not flowing through the system as it should.

Frequent or Severe Backups

A toilet can get clogged and back up occasionally without it being due to a serious issue. However, if you are finding more than one toilet is doing that or it is constantly happening, you need septic services. It could be a clogged main drain line, full septic tank, or drain field issue.

Septic Odors

If you notice septic odors in your home or the yard, this can be an early warning sign of a failing system that you shouldn’t ignore.

You Don’t Remember Your Last Service Visit

Septic inspections should be done annually, and septic pumping and other maintenance completed every three to five years, depending on family size and habits. If you cannot remember the last time you called for septic services, it is probably a good idea to make that a priority to avoid septic repair issues.

If you are noticing any of these issues or just want peace of mind that your septic system is performing as it should, reach out to us at Greenville Septic Pumping. We offer various septic services, including septic inspections, repairs, cleaning, and installation. Call today to learn more.

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